Controlling, executing on time and learning day by day from projects is vital to achieve the goals of any organization. DUCSA chose to incorporate Project Server On Premise to manage its projects and SharePoint Server as a collaboration tool.

We thank our client for the trust and for allowing us to share the work done.

Initial work

DUCSA’s information technology area came to Siderys, recommended by Microsoft, to improve the adoption of the chosen tool for project management. The objective: to incorporate good practices during execution and have a detailed analysis of their progress.

Thanks to teamwork, a series of recommendations were made to the project managers to carry out the planning. A task progress recording process, time management and platform adoption that allow users to record daily status. The Project Server On Premise version allows centralizing the management of resources, knowing their availability and planning future work. In this way, DUCSA is committed to efficiency in the allocation of its teams for each project.

Project planning and management improvements

DUCSA uses Project Server through its web interface. This implies that both users and project managers use the web portal provided by the tool to manage each project.

Recommendations were also incorporated when creating a GANTT or managing a task, which allowed for an improvement in planning and loading hours in the tool.

Know what resources are available to perform a task

El manejo de recursos, personas, tiempo y costos es una de las virtudes que ofrece Project Server. Esto permite a DUCSA gestionar la asignación de recursos de forma más eficiente contar con las personas especializadas para ejecutar cada tarea

Analyze the execution and results of projects

Project Server collects a lot of information during the course of running a project. That is why it is vital to have specific reports so that those involved have the necessary information and make better decisions at the right time.

For this reason, a series of reports were defined and implemented that allow sponsors and different managements to analyze the current situation of each project, compare it with the original planning and also anticipate, early, any deviation or adverse situation. . The construction of these reports provided DUCSA with mechanisms to follow up on the guidelines established annually by the general management and which translates into the prioritization of projects within the portfolio.

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